Morgan Freeman suffers from fibromyalgia, but has a simple trick to maintain energy

Morgan Freeman is one of the most recognized faces of the big screen. This iconic actor has played a wide range of characters since he began acting in 1964. His first television appearance, which made him some popularity, was in the 1970s children’s show, The Electric Company.

The actor personified the great Nelson Mandela in Invictus and even works as a vocal artist and narrator.

He survived a terrible shock.
Freeman suffered an incredible shock in 2008, but was lucky enough to survive. During the accident, he broke a shoulder and an elbow. Despite attempts to correct the damaged nerve, Freeman suffered paralysis of his left arm.

The paralysis was so intense that Freeman was equipped with a compression glove to help ease the tension in his injured hand. It also helped keep the flow of blood in his hand, while limiting excessive movement.

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Since the accident, he has had to deal with fibromyalgia, a condition that usually manifests as muscle pain, fatigue and fragility in the joints and soft tissues.

The secret of living with fibromyalgia.
Despite this, Freeman maintains a positive outlook on life. Medications help you tolerate pain, but keeping your mind focused on what you can still do helps you a lot more. As a secret of his boundless enthusiasm, he states:

I have work to do; staying busy is a way. It has a lot to do with food, where your energy levels are. As sporadically as possible. If they invented a pill, I would take the pill, I would not bother with everything else. I take a lot of vitamins and supplements in the morning and I spend them with an antioxidant drink.

He also remains constant in the activities that keep him busy when he is not working. Of course, navigation is out of the question and you can not fly your plane anymore (you are a certified pilot).

These types of changes have meaning. I have to move on with other things, with other conceptions of myself. I play golf, I always work and I can feel very happy just by walking on the ground.

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